Empower Your Website with Comprehensive Event Management Tools

Seamlessly streamline the entire event lifecycle, from meticulous planning to engaging execution, while effortlessly managing ticket sales and fostering vibrant attendee participation. With these intuitive and robust tools, empower your platform to become the go-to destination for immersive, well-organized events that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.


Seamless Event Planning

Effortlessly organize events with built-in planning tools. Utilize event calendars, scheduling functionalities, and customizable templates to create and promote various events directly from your WordPress dashboard. Simplify the planning process and keep your audience informed with ease.

Efficient Ticket Management

Manage ticket sales seamlessly with integrated ticketing solutions. Offer various ticket types, set pricing, and handle sales directly on your WordPress site. Provide attendees with a user-friendly ticket purchasing experience, allowing for secure transactions and instant confirmations.

There's A Plan For Everyone

Straightforward and transparent pricing designed to simplify the process like never before. Offering a range of options, from the DIY approach to receiving expert assistance or having it all done for you. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned entrepreneur, the Small Business Accelerator is here to support your journey.


Supercharge your existing website with our service engine.



per month

Designed for existing businesses who want to take advantage of our third-party hosting, security, and maintenance management.


Ignite your business with our toolkit and a new website setup for you.



+ 99 USD / month

Designed for those ready to dive in and develop their own site with a team of experts behind you.


Accelerate with an entirely done e-commerce website for you.



+ 99 USD / month

Designed for those looking for a full-service website tailored to your business done for you.

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